Managed Web Hosting 
& IT Consulting

Phuket Hosting is a service of Lemonsurf, we offer you a full managed and highly reliable web hosting on high class and always technically up to date web servers, that you have more time for your core business. Privacy is our specialty!

Try “Managed Hosting” and you will never want to have something else. We take care about the technical background and the security, you can concentrate on your business.

The servers are located in a modern German computer center with the highest standards in security and connectivity.

No more trouble with confusing user interfaces, bandwidth limitations, complicate set up, etc.

If you need a new e-mail address, forwarding e-mail address, changing your website, etc…… we will do it for you. 
Of course you can do it by yourself if you want to!

Phuket Hosting is specialized in managed, highly reliable and professional web hosting solutions for serious businesses.

As we are not competing with the mainstream web hosting companies, we do not sell you a package, we give you all what you need for your web hosting now and in the future incl. register fee for your .com .net or whatever URL, there are no hidden costs.

Please ask as well for our hardware, software, network and technical consulting services!

Contact us today for a free consultation and find out more about us and your needs with one of our experienced consultants.